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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ok....this should be the last blog entry to my UIR journey.
i'm currently doing practical 9...where i'm suppose to use 1 paragraph to describe the most important lesson that i have learnt in my UIR journey..

initially, i thought that UIR would be a very easy subject to pass since i am using the internet each and every other day. however, having gone though the UIR journey, i have found out that i still have a lot to learn on the internet. one such example would be the usage of boolean characters to assist my search. in the past i had never know that i would do more effective searches by using such characters. after the UIR journey, my search for information on the internet has been easier as i could do more effective searches using these characters.

although we had sort of come to the end of the UIR lesson, i think what i have learnt in UIR would bring me a long way as i would still be using the internet as my research tool for projects. to me, the UIR module may have ended, however, what the lesson had taught me would stay with me for the rest of my journey of using the internet.

Would really like to thank IIT sch and lecturers for providing us with such an useful module. :)

7:40 AM

ok...i found out another reflecttion that i forgot about. this reflection is suppose to be about talkingcock.com

during class i were suppose to visit the website as a foreigner and after which my reflection should be what do i think of the website as a foreigner. so..here goes.

basically after i viewed the website. my thoughts as a foreigner would be Singaporeans are humourous people. Singaporeans are able turn serious, stern issues into a joke. i find that quite funny as not all people are able to withstand serious matters being joke around. however to me, if serious matters can be discussed using a more relaxed way, why not? people can think better without stress. if the serious matter is being discussed using a more relax manner, people might be able to contribute their views better as they could think better.

however, being a singaporean, i understand that not all issues can be treated as a joke. if the government wants to convey a message to the public. this message must be treated seriously or else we might land ourselfs in a pool of fines and jail terms.

Concluding, i think that we should do discussion of issues in a relax manner and it can be in a form of jokes. however, messages conveyed to us must be treated seriously as we do not want to breach the Singapore law unknowly.

1:18 AM

Basically this post came in quite late. i seriously forgot to do. i have found out. and hence. i am doing it!
my dream holiday would be...in JAPAN during winter!!!!

a view that singapore will never have....

i'm so going to imagine that i am there skiing...dreaming dreaming

Such a beautiful sunrise...peaceful


Even the ski resort look soooo cool!!!!!

I was on google.com for japan and i came across Japan National Tourist Organization. its Japan's tourism board and it contains a lot of information regarding japan and the different seasons there.Basicvally, i found this website very useful as it really contain a lot of information about japan. not only they have the different festivals there, the websites also contains the transportation that you might need to take when you are there in japan.

In singapore, we only have summer. the only colder season was during the end of the year which is the monsoon. personally, i LOVE winter. i just love cold weathers. At the same time, japan also holds a different culture compared to singapore. if i were ever given the chance to go, i would not want to go to tokoyo. i would rather visit Hokkaido or Osaka. these are the more village areas in japan. however the scenery there is breathtaking! the nice snow covered hills. just thinking is just soo attractive to me. if i were to go there during winter, i could also try out skiing. it would be soo fun. at the same time, i love japanese cusine. so when i'm there, i could also eat all the food that i love. i could also go to their hot spring. soaking in hot spring during winter is simply a great relaxation! i could just go there to relax and enjoy myself....how i hope i was there now...
breathtaking scenery + relaxation + cool weather + fun = I WANT TO GO JAPAN!!!!!!!!

12:21 AM

Friday, May 23, 2008

After this e learning exercise, i discovered that wikispaces is actually very useful. i found it useful because i am able to help my friends to edit their work if i see any mistakes. i could also find out what my friend has helped me to edit. Wikispace has also helped me in compiling the work that all of us has done. By helping us in compiling, wikispace has helped us to save a lot of time. However, wikispaces is not a 100% benefit to us. when it allows us to edit and add our work, it also allows people to delete our work.
so...there are pro and cons to this wiki....however, if we were able t keep a backup of our work, it should not be too much of a problem to us..hence i still think that the wiki space is a benefit to us

7:20 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

oKKK...back to reflection time for prac 4&5.

mEi did not go for lesson due to *Cough**Cough**AH CHOO**vomit**
anyways....very sick...haha....but still i did the practical at home..

my conclusion. next time even when i'm sick i'll go for UIR. compared to the rest of the practical, this was more serious and hard to do. at the same time, i had quite a hard time doing it as i was not sure whether i'm doing it right. i still completed it.YEAH.

more percentage = more stress = more loss.

i was like a loss sheep while doing it but than again, it was quite fun. :)
and i completed it. :)
tmr's another UIR lab.. :) YEAHNESS.

CYA in the next post...

7:34 AM

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tutorial 1 & 2

Through this tutorial i have found out that actually internet really plays a big part in my life. without internet, there will not be msn where i am able to stay connected with my friends even if we do not see each other. without internet, i would have to visit the library every single day to find resources required for my projects. this tutorial has really helped me to understand the importance of internet in our lifes. i seriously think that all of us should be grateful to the person that created and discovered internet. he or she has enriched our lifes with the internet. we have to admit that internet has really helped us a lot. without internet, all of us might have to contribute a lot of money to the singtel due to the high amount we have to pay due to overseas call. with internet, we could just log into the msn and we would be able to chat at ease with our friends at the other side of the world, be in USA or China. we also do not have to be scared that we would lose contact with our friends unless they do not log into the msn. internet has made connection between people easier. the internet has also allowed people to share their views regarding different issues easier. one such way of sharing would be through forums. people of different language, religion, citizenship may just log into the same forum and they would be able to comment on the same issue as all of the others and share their own personal view towards the certain situation or issue. basically, this tutorial has really shown me that internet is a great invention and i simply love it!

~~E shopping spree~~

after doing the e shopping spree e learning, i release that i love real life shopping more. real life shopping allows me to walk around, see things, touch items. if i were to do e shopping, i could only see pictures of items. i cant touch it and feel it. especially for clothes. i could only see the designs of the clothes. the designs may be nice, but it might not look good on me, the size might not fit too. if i were to do real life shopping, i wold be able to see and try on clothes. clothes is only an example. actually for a lot f other items, i think its still better to do real life shopping. however i do agree that e shopping could save us a lot of time and maybe money because they usually have promotions when we do e shopping. :)

12:39 AM

Monday, May 5, 2008

~~E learning lesson~~

if i have $500 now....what would i buy???
i'll buy a digital camera that allows me to capture anything anywhere!!

(Picture taken from http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/products/2007/158/h158DSCW200-fp.jpg)

Item : Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W200 12.1-megapixel digital camera
Price : $299.99
With this digital camera, i could capture memories anywhere anytime. i could take pictures with my family, friends and even teachers!! all this pictures will turn out to be memories in time to come. people come and go in our lives, they may not stay for long but i believe that the certain time that they were present in my life, it would become a lifetime memory. i cant say that i would remember all of them so thats what the camera for!!! it helps me to keep memories!!!!

HEY!!!after buying the camera i still have around $200!!!! hmm..what should i buy now??
maybe......since mother day is coming...i suppose i would buy something for my mom!!
maybe...i'll get her a gucci wallet!!

(Picture taken from http://sg.auctions.yahoo.com/sg/i:Gucci%20Golden%20trim%20CONTINENTAL%20WALLET%20141412-9773:265700068)

Item: Gucci Golden trim continental wallet
Buying Price: $175

Mother's day's here. Mom has always did a lot of us but our family do not really celebrate this special day that's dedicated to her. since i have $500, of course i must give her something!! mum has always saved to buy things for us and not for herself and seeing that her wallet's spoiling, i should really get one for her though. not like i can really buy this now..but if i really had the money, i would really want to give this to mum to thank her for all her hard work though. :)

YUP!! thats what i would buy if i had $500!!!
total amount spend: $474.90
balance: $25.10

WOW!! i could still treat myself to a delicious meal at places like genki sushi or something.....shopping is tiring, so after shopping we must always treat ourself to a nice meal!!!!
and its like...i completed the e learning!!!WOOHOOO!!!!!

CYA all in the next post!!!

P.S~~ Mei Mei got really irritated because she could not apply her favourite blogskin....and she shall find another nice blogskin SOON!!! LOOKOUT for it!!!

8:56 AM